The Vision

We envision the world practicing the culture of sustainable living through connecting waste back to resource

The Mission

To create an alternative waste management system that are driven by the people for the people through

  • raising awareness and provide knowledge

  • providing and developing tools for waste management

  • increasing the value chain of waste with design


The journey

The story begins with the dream and desire to lead self-reliant, sufficient and sustainable life. Through the course of pursuing the dream, I realize the importance of soil to farming. Preaching self-reliant lifestyle, I did not want to solve the issues with money. So instead, I picked up organic waste nearby my place for making compost to improve the quality of the soil. From every once in a while turned into every day. Witnessing massive amount of waste going to the landfill and knowing how to make use of organic waste, I could not turn a blind eye. From two small restaurants and one fruit stall, I collected over 30 kilogram of organic waste each day. Until February 2017, I fell off the stairs, hurt my back and could no longer collect waste. It was at this point that I realized the flaw in my approach to tackle waste issue. I, together with two other co-founders redirected the approach by convincing people to manage their own organic waste at the source itself. We believe with the right tools and systems, waste is only resource waiting to be transformed. Pakdone is therefore constantly improving to create better tools and better waste management system for the better world.